Dnes Vás v našom blogu čakajú nejaké nové, zaujímavé anglické idiomy a frázové slovesá. Dúfame, že Vám to trošku pomôže. 🙂

Take something the wrong way – If you take something the wrong way, you misunderstand what someone says and think they are being critical when they aren’t.

  • Be careful when talking to teenagers as they can be sensitive and take things the wrong way easily.
  • Jodie’s teacher said teaching her was a challenge. He meant that she was very smart, and it was difficult to keep her interested because she learns quicker than her classmates. But Jodie took it the wrong way and thought he meant she was stupid and difficult to teach.

 Rack your brains | rack you brain – If you rack your brains, or rack you brain, you try hard to remember something or think of a solution to a problem or a puzzle.

  • I am racking my brains, but I just cannot think of his name.
  • Shelley’s writing this song about being out of work and she’s racking her brain trying to come up with a good rhyme for „unemployed“.

 Keep an eye on – If you keep an eye on someone, you make sure you know what they are doing.

  • I’m a bit worried about Hannah’s health so could you keep an eye on her while I’m away.
  • The media has promised to keep an eye on the new government and report anything that seems suspicious.

On your last legs | on its last legs – If you say you’re on your last legs, it can mean you’re close to exhaustion, or it can mean you’re close to death. If a thing is on its last legs, it’s close to breaking or wearing out.

  • Bobby looks like he’s on his last legs. Do you think he can make it to the top of the mountain?
  • My old printer is on its last legs. It’s time I got a new one.

Raring to go- If you’re raring to go, you’re full of energy and you can’t wait to get started on whatever it is you’re doing.

  • After the coach gave a great team talk, the players were pumped up and raring to go.
  • Don’t you hate it when Hillary bursts into the office at 8 o’clock on Monday mornings, full of life and raring to go? Why can’t she be miserable on Monday mornings like everyone else?

Change your tune If you change your tune, you change your opinion about something or your attitude towards someone.

  • At first Bill was against selling the rights to his book, but he changed his tune when he realized how much money he could make.
  • Kelly was quite rude to me at first, but she changed her tune when someone mentioned how wealthy I was.

Skate on thin iceIf you’re skating on thin ice, you’re doing something risky, or you’re in a situation that could quickly become dangerous.

  • Don’t you think you’ll be skating on thin ice if you go to the U.S. without getting health insurance? Medical care is incredibly expensive there.
  • Kenny’s skating on thin ice. He’s already on parole, and yet he’s still driving around without a licence.

 Put together – to select several things and combine them to create something

  • put together sth We put together a lineup that included jazz bands, rock bands, hip-hop artists, and even a little bit of country music.
  • put sth together How long did it take you to put your presentation together?

Be well put together – look nice

  • She is always well put together.

 Pull over

  • pull over The taxi pulled over to pick up a passenger.
  • pull over When I saw the police car following me with its lights flashing, I pulled over and turned off the engine.

Water down – dilute; mix with water

  • water down sth I think someone has watered down the wine. It tastes very weak.
  • water sth down This juice is too thick. Could you water it down a bit, please?

 Dish out

to give things to people, often without thinking about the effects or the costs of doing so

  • dish out sth – The college was accused of dishing out degrees to anyone who could pay for them.
  • dish sth out Drug companies want doctors to dish their drugs out to as many people as possible.

 Mow down – to kill a number of people, usually by shooting them or driving a vehicle into them

mow down sb – A bus driver lost control of his vehicle and mowed down seven people who were waiting at a bus stop.

mow sb down – When the demonstrators refused to stop coming towards them, the troops opened fire and mowed them down.

Go forto be sold for a certain amount of money

  • go for – How much did your neighbour’s house go for?
  • go for – Dave’s paintings go for anything up to ten thousand pounds these days.

Dúfame, že náš dnešný blog bol pre Vás aspoň trošku zaujímavý a že Vás niečo nové naučil. Anglické idiomy a frázové slovesá sú vždy zabava!

Tešíme sa na Vás zasa na budúce! Keep an eye on our blogs you might learn something new! 🙂

Team U-Speak

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